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Workshop listings:

— 1:00 to 2:15 time slot —

1. Teaching 101

In this workshop, we’ll go over the basics of teaching Sunday school — how to have a great opening, how to keep the children or teens engaged and excited by the content, how to do an effective closing that will make them want to return. We’ll also introduce one model for Sunday school. Whether you’re brand new at teaching Sunday school, or an old hand, it never hurts to go over the basics!

Come join a 24 year veteran of Sunday school teaching for a relentlessly useful workshop, guaranteed to give you at least one tip or technique that you can use next time you teach.

Presenter: Dan Harper, Assoc. Minister of Religious Education, UU Church of Palo Alto

2. PWR Youth Ministry Highlights

Join us as we share all of the cool things happening in youth ministry across the country, in our region, and with our district. Learn more about the importance of youth ministry, goals for the future and have a little fun with activities you can take back to your youth!

Presenter: JeKaren Olaoya is the PCD-Youth Events Coordinator representing Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry Specialist for the Pacific Western Region of the UUA.

3. Family Ministry Roundtable

Join Sarah Gibb Millspaugh and Sheri Prud’homme to learn about creative ways congregations have created children and family ministries that look different than traditional religious education programming. Come share your ideas, dreams, fears, and your questions.

Presenters: Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh is the Lifespan Faith Formation Specialist on the Pacific Western Region’s Congregational Life Staff and has been consulting with many congregations in family ministry transitions. Rev. Dr. Sheri Prud’homme is Assistant Professor of Religion and Education at Starr King School for the Ministry and Associate Minister for Faith Development at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland where they have had worship-centered children and family ministry for the past seven years.

4. Sustainable Small Group Ministry for Adults and Youth

More than discussion groups, different from classes, more focused and intentional than social activities, Small Group Ministry can tranform people’s lives and the the ways they communicate with one another. Join the leader of the team that researched many models and created the Smal Group Ministry at the First Unitarian Church in San Jose to learn about several different models and strategies to support groups that engage adults and youth in spiritual growth and development of rich connections with one another.

Presenter: Bob Miess, Children & Youth Coordinator, UU Church in Livermore.

5. The Intersection of White Supremacy Culture and the Death of Sunday school

It is commonly held that change work in congregations is long and slow and often challenging. It’s also no secret that white supremacy culture is deeply embedded in the processes, practices, and decision making norms of our congregations. Could our resistance to change actually be a manifestation of white supremacy culture? Might our inertia towards shifting our model of Sunday School be linked to long ingrained patterns of white supremacy culture?

Presenter: Kim Sweeney

— 2:30 to 2:30 time slot —

6. Youth Advisor Roundtable

Join Youth Advisors from different congregations to share about what’s working well in your programs and get ideas to improve the areas that aren’t going as well. Bring your triumphs and questions and spend time in a focus session aimed at sending you away with fresh ideas to add life to your youth programming.

Facilitator: Derby Davison, DRE, UU Fellowship of Redwood City

7. Safe Congregations Updates

Come hear about the latest updates and suggestions from the UUA to ensure that your congregation’s Safe Congregations policies are providing the highest level to protect your congregants, staff, and the congregation as a whole.

Presenter: Sarah Gibb Millspaugh

8. Whole Congregation Family Ministry

In this workshop, we will delve into the challenges facing today’s families and consider ways our congregations might serve as an antidote. Participants will explore ways in which older adults, parents, non-parents and staff can engage in faith formation practices with children in a beneficial way for all.

Presenter: Kim Sweeney

9. Service trips that spark congregations

Have you considered organizing a service/learning journey for youth in your congregation? Interested in leading a multigenerational social justice trip? Come explore how you can create a successful, exciting, immersion-learning opportunity at your congregation! Join us for an interactive workshop and bring your questions and ideas!

Presenter: Kristin Famula, Acting Director of Lifespan Religious Education at the UU Fellowship of Northern Nevada — UU lifespan religious educator Kristin Famula has organized and led over a dozen learning journeys and several for youth through the UU College of Social Justice and the Living Legacy Pilgrimage.

10. Leading Music in Class

Making music together brings memorable times of joy, depth & unity for any group. You don’t need to be a music professional to bring music into an RE room, just confidence, a few tools & hints. Come enjoy learning and sharing them.

Presenter: Julie Rinard is a music teacher for kids & youth in Sacramento. She was the director of Progressions at San Jose Jazz, an intensive program to help at-risk youth identify, cultivate, and celebrate their gifts through music.